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Experience the new TabbyFile for managing apps in your device


Managing different programs in your computer can get difficult if you don’t administer them properly. TabbyFile acts as a perfect substitute for the traditional Windows file manager. It makes sure that all the unused programs are stopped and your machine runs smoothly. It is easy to use even for a layman who does not have proper experience of computers. The lesser the complication the easier it is. You can download tabbyfile for free with a totally easy installation method. Just like Empower Network brings you impressive MLM plans, TabbyFile comes up with its easy to use applications.

The latest version is the tabbyfile 2.0 and you have enough options to keep it simple. This freeware program supports multiple tabs and you can bookmark the most commonly used folders. It is a handy application that improves the speed of operations in your computer and makes it easy to manage the programs. You don’t require any technical knowledge to get started with this program. A simple knowledge of using computers is enough to use TabbyFile. The biggest advantage of this Windows application is its usability and interactive interface.

Along with this TabbyWare has also come up with interesting Tabby gaming software and Tabby calculator. These are all focused on making different tasks much easier for you.


Dec 31

Tabbyware Software


Tabbyware software lets you use a simplistic no-frills web-based tool (tabbyFile) that helps in sifting through archived files and folders in mainframes running on different Windows OS systems. At the same time, the innovative software lets you access a hybrid web-based game called Textris, make simple calculations using tabbyCalc, and manage all your online accounts with tabbyVNConnect-a password manager implement. Then again, the Tabbyware software also lets schoolchildren use a secure and convenient web browser (surfaholic-proposed name as the website owner was asking for it).

The surfaholic browser lets kids and children surf through some specified sites selected by their schoolteachers or guardians. The kids will be able to log in via a password that’s protected by a SSL encrypted configuration. Teachers and/or parents will have the option to tether the web browser to a particular site especially when they want to keep the children from rampantly browsing all approved portals. The browser will also restrict all GUIs (graphical user interfaces) or pop-ups as well as external links and hyperlinks.

Then again, the Tabbyware software lets you log into a web-oriented application or webpage that goes by the name of ‘Football Funnel’. This webpage lets you collate minute-by-minute news about NFL players from a surfeit of sources on the net, classify or itemize the data into comprehensible news scoops. Finally, you’re able to organize the collated information in a manner that allows you to synchronize or orchestrate a football fixture in your way.

The software also displays a contrivance called ‘SkinnyRom’ which is actually a trimming tool for the ‘Nintendo DS Roms videogames. This contrivance enables you to chip off the vacant space at the extremity of the ‘rom’ snaps that you save. SkinnyRom exploits a failsafe process to make sure that all your game downloads and Wi-Fi stay perfectly archived.

Dec 31

Tabbyware Gaming


The Tabbyware software is downright versatile in that it not only allows you to organize your tasks or activities with greater efficiency but also lets you entertain yourself courtesy some riveting games. One such game is Textris, which the software developer created nearly five years back and retrieved from a hard disk drive that was gathering dust. The programmer while developing the game had elaborate plans about embellishing the interface with eye-popping graphics but somehow it was put on the backburner!

The developer found it opportune to release Textris in the present times. As for defining Textris it is a hybridization of Scrabble and Tetris-that might sound a little old-fashioned especially in the current times when so different types of games or puzzles are trending both online and offline. With Textris, you’re required to create words from letters dropping onto the panel. Every letter carries a value that is determined by usage frequency like in Scrabble.

The trick is to make words (the longer the better) in a manner that lets you maximize your score before the board is replete with letters. Trying to form longer words is the fastest way to earn maximum points prior to the letters cover up the panel.

You can also make good use of the ‘Home Poker Tournament Calculator’ when you’re engrossed in a game of Texas HoldEm Poker. If you’re really keen to figure out the exact amount of payouts you’ll most likely win, then this device may be of use. Home Poker Tournament Calculator is compatible with MS-Office as well as MS-Excel.

If you’re a football enthusiast, you bet you’ll fall for ‘Football Funnel’ which the software programmer claims is his most up-to-date creation. Football Funnel is an online application that endeavors to source info about players involved in NFL from the Internet and thereafter process and customize the data that’ll be lapped up by football aficionados.


Dec 31

TabbyFile – Introduction



Whenever navigating or scanning through the Windows Explorer gets a tad tedious, you can turn to TabbyFile. TabbyFile is a sound alternative to Windows Explorer with respect to managing your administrator account and functions as efficiently. TabbyFile is more expedient and convenient to use compared to Windows Explorer as the former is not clogged with obscure, abstruse and incomprehensible features.

This TabbyFile is a unique file managing system that doesn’t appear puffed up with intricate details or specifics that you might find hard to maneuver. It offers you freedom from the hassle of having to click again and again on ‘My Computer’ icon to access all your files, folders, and dossiers. This versatile file manager tool comes across as perfectly handy for programmers, webmasters and in fact anybody who has to click-open a large number of files or documents throughout the working day.

This practical file management implement makes the entire process of sifting through a near unlimited number of folders or dossiers and other databases faster as well as more convenient. This translates into your saving more time with respect to supervising your day to day activities on your computer ultimately resulting in monetary savings. It is available for using for free and is lodged in the system tray of the taskbar in the UI of MS-Windows mainframe and can be made to go simply by double clicking on the icon.

Judged from the functional aspect, TabbyFile exclusively serves as a very handy bookmarking tool or system. In other words, you can click on the icon for TabbyFile to quickly access files that you regularly use and at the same time to open up distinct number of file directories under different tabs. This tool also relieves you from the need to supervise several windows for comparing, contrasting, pasting or copying items or elements.

TabbyFile integrates the handiness of bookmarks with a tagged UI though it remains a folder with a single shell.




Dec 28

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